About Junie Balloonie

It all started with flowers and a story.

My dad died of cancer at the age of 48. I was 8 months pregnant with my youngest child. The last time I saw him I think he knew I wasn’t completely happy. He told me, “You get one life.” Those words were small and didn’t seem to take hold of me then. A few months later he was gone.

His message lingered in the back of my mind for a few years, but I was a busy mom trying to make ends meet. I worked the afternoon shift as a 911 dispatcher. I put my children on the school bus at 8:23 in the morning and said, “See you tomorrow.” I was not living my one life the way I wanted, but it was all I knew. Each day my dad’s words grew stronger until I finally decided to listen.

This started out as a hobby; a creative outlet for my stressful job and busy life. Junie Balloonie is the nickname I gave our only daughter when she was born. I dressed her in pink and clipped flowers into her hair. Those pretty little flowers were my way of reminding Junie to BLOOM to her fullest potential each and every day even though mom wasn’t always able to be by her side.

While I was away at work my children were constantly on my mind. I hated that I wasn’t present for the evening routine. I wanted a little piece of mom with them as they fell asleep so I started writing bedtime stories for them. After several years of dreaming, writing, editing, drawing, and raising money by selling my homemade hair flowers at craft fairs, I put one of those stories in actual book form and self-published it. Being creative made me happy, but missing out on so much of my children’s lives was still miserable. That’s when I started taking big leaps that eventually led me to where I am now…home.

Junie Balloonie, LLC is now so much more than hair flowers and story books. It is a family business. It is a creative joy that lets me BLOOM. It is food on my dinner table and college tuition for my kids. Most importantly, it is an example to my children that they can live their one life the way they choose.
Enjoy YOUR one life. Do what you love to BLOOM to your fullest potential.

– Amie