Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Some of our friends have been left puzzled when perusing our new website.  Sure the site is beautiful and user-friendly, but something HUGE is missing.  Junie Balloonie used to be all about flowers.  Our signature product could be made as a hair flower, brooch, boutonniere, purse/bag adornment, baby headband, or keychain.  They were the main thing, the everything.  They WERE Junie Balloonies!  Where have they gone, for goodness sake?!?

They’re still here, but not HERE on the website…yet.  Each and every Junie Balloonie flower is handmade by myself and takes time.  I am meticulous when I create each flower.  I rarely make the same one twice, unless they are ordered in larger quantities for a group event.  For now, I like the feeling that they’re a secret menu item and will be treasured by the people who receive them.

In the near-ish future I plan to offer small batches of Blooms here, but until then you can still message me on the Junie Balloonie Facebook page to request your extra special Bloom.  If you follow the Instagram page you may have seen our new decorative giant paper blooms.  I am developing a kit for those and plan to offer them on the website as well.

If you have a spare 23 minutes and would like to view a speech I gave to the Painesville Rotary Club a couple years ago about how the flowers came to be click HERE. You can skip to the 8 minute mark to see how the flowers used to be made and how they evolved.  After this meeting Junie Balloonie became what it is now with the introduction of new machines and new products.

Many, many exciting things are blooming and I cannot wait to share them all with you.



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