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Clean Mean Bess

Since opening my little gift shop in Fairport Harbor I have been fascinated with our [...]

The Curious Tale of Bessie

For centuries tales of Bessie, the Lake Erie monster have been told.  Most of these [...]

Blooming In The Whirlwind

I always feel like the days between Halloween and New Years are a blur.  There [...]

Made By Me

As I have been growing the Junie Balloonie brand, I have been asked some curious [...]

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Some of our friends have been left puzzled when perusing our new website.  Sure the [...]


Welcome to Junie Balloonie

It’s HERE, it’s HERE!!! Welcome to my beautiful new Junie Balloonie web world! If you’re [...]

How To Design The Perfect Personal Gift

So far the only products we have on the website for purchase are laser etched [...]



I was recently given an amazing compliment. “Congratulations on being a great momtrepreneur!” I’ve heard [...]