I was recently given an amazing compliment. “Congratulations on being a great momtrepreneur!” I’ve heard that phrase before, and I really like it. I like that “mom” is prominently displayed at the beginning of the word because it’s the most important part. I didn’t start out as an entrepreneur, but being a mom turned me into one. If you’ve read the About page you’ll understand why.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about taking my leap towards this Junie Balloonie world is the effect it’s had on my children. It’s not been all butterflies and roses. We still have times where we miss the reliable paycheck from my former life, but my kids are seeing a side of life and the world that was previously not there. Yes, they see mom happier and more present for their sports and activities. They also see possibilities for the future of Junie Balloonie and can then envision more possibilities for their own futures.

My oldest son, Trenton, has started his senior year. It was just yesterday that he was standing at the corner in his cute little jean jacket waiting to finally ride the big yellow “skoo bus” to his first day of kindergarten. People tell you that time goes by so fast, but you can never really grasp that until you’re staring at the kid that towers over you holding his car keys. It happens in a blink. A BLINK! Take all the pictures and make all the memories now. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead for Trenton, but I cry in the corner almost nightly. Wine helps.

Trenton is trying to decide where he’s going to go to college, what his career path will be, and whether or not he’ll join the military. He works for an irrigation company and has met many business professionals. They’ve been so good to him and teach him a lot about landscaping, design, running a business, and hard work. I’m seriously proud of this kid for how much he’s grown in this industry. This is his passion. We’ve seen that in him for about 7 years. He went through a time when he was so confused about what he was going to be when he grows up. He thought about being a police officer, a firefighter, or a Marine like his dad. When he was little he played with Rescue Hero toys and I think there was a part of him that thought he had to choose one of those types of jobs because he wanted to serve his country or make a difference. He still may choose that, but I think he’s listened to what I’ve said to myself for years now, what my dad told me. “Do what you love.”

He has that entrepreneurial spirit. Being the momtrepreneur I want to push him forward, yet pull him back. Trenton and I have learned a lot of business lessons at the same time. I learn from him. He learns from me. We both need to learn from our mistakes and plug forward. When I have a set-back, or worry about finances my self-doubt comes forward. He’s the first person to build me back up. It used to be hugs and positive words from a sweet little voice saying, “Mom, it will be ok.” Now it’s a deeper voice with stern words, “Mom, don’t be negative. Just move on!” Those words are still followed by a hug though.

I can see my other 2 children starting to dream and wonder about their future too. My middle son, Tank has started working irrigation and landscaping with the company Trenton works for. It wasn’t until this summer that we saw a shift in Tank’s interests. He used to be the boy that was focused on sports. He’s been a wrestler since he was 4 and played football almost as long. This is the first season he’s decided to not play football, but wanted to start working instead. I can’t imagine Tank not wrestling EVER, but we’ll see how his passions grow. “Do what you love.”

My daughter, Taylor, has always been creative. She’s an amazing artist and has an interest in cartooning. She’s been learning about design from me and has tagged along when I talk with people in the fashion industry. She just recently had a conversation with a young lady I met that goes to school for fashion merchandising. This is a career path she didn’t know existed. She told me she doesn’t know what she wants to do. She dreams of working for Nickelodeon, but she now knows about so many other opportunities in fashion. I told her, “You have a while to think about it, and your passions may change. Be willing to follow them. Do what you love.”

I guess I never thought of myself as a momtrepreneur until I was given that wonderful compliment and started thinking about what that word means to me. I’m a mom and an entrepreneur, but more importantly I’m an example to the 3 most amazing people in my world.

Kiddos, follow your passions and do what you love. I will forever be your biggest fan.

– Mom

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